Getting hot down under?

Since we have a lot of aussies here on the board, I was wondering if any of them is suffering from the bush fires as I saw on CNN ? Looks terrible to me, wouldn’t like my house to be burnt down by something like this…

So far I’ve been lucky to miss getting one where I am, but I’m backing to a lovely bush mountian which didn’t go up last year here in the Capital… I feel sorry for all the peopel that have lost there home and all the belongs.

Bushfires are a part of life downunder. They are, unfortunately, part of the natural order here. In fact there are many Aussie plants that require a bushfire for their seeds to germinate.

Still, because of the very dry winter this year, the season has started about 2 months early and, of course, our sympathies go out to all who lose their homes (or worse) as a result.

The heat up here is killing us in Newy and doesn’t help with these fires blazing. I wish for once Tim Bailey would get a report right for once in his life. (27 degress turns into 35 :()

At least we have some of the greatest firefighters down here since America needed to get some of our dudes over there to help them combat their fires not long ago. Rest a sure they cam protect us just as well as they did for the residents in the States

Hats off to the men & women who protect us from fires :bow:

Yea, fires suck. Damn global warming! Damn humanity for polluting or air! Oh well. There are fires everywhere these days. Some of the worst fires in the US occurred recently in the west. Some naturally, some by human hands. Because of the changing of the climate due to humans, these fires will become more and more frequent. Here’s me looking for the colonization of Mars!

When I see Anna Kournikova it always gets hot down under, but I don’t think you meant that :smiley:

When I think of what Australia has unleashed upon the earth, I have no second thoughts on letting my A/C freon into the atmosphere to make them more hot. (HOLE IN OZONE is fine with me…as long as it stays around Australia).

What am I talking about?



and the worst…that crocidile hunter jerkoff: