Getting Green Screen when trying to play DVD movies



got this problem on some of my dvd movies…when i try to play a dvd form the MENU ,all i get is a big plain green screen on my monitor and two little boxes on top , which show the actual movie being played but they are too messed up to see anything…

i have a two seasons of Friends on two seperate dvds…when i open the media player…i get the usual normal menu screen…but whenever i select play or “scene selection” the same problem occurs…i have harry potter 4 and xmen 3 dvds but they work fine…

also i have a godfather dvd which worked fine when i first played it…then i gave it to my friend for a couple of days and when i got it back it had the same problem…

i use Windows Media player 11 and Real player 10


Try powerDVD just to make sure it is a WMP problem. i must admit I don’t use WMP and haven’t wince 98 and I discovered other better media players.