Getting good color on Verbatim DVD disks?

Yours is an old message but I’d like to know, if anyone is here who has gotten good color on Verbatim DVD disks, how you achieve it. My color is very wishy washy and incorrect.

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Hi Isabel95 - can you let us know what Verbatim discs you are using (all the details), and what printer, and whether you are using OEM inks or compatibles? :flower:

I get great colors using an Epson 340, the Premium DVD profile built into the driver. I’m using Verbatim DVD DL discs as well as the TY Watershield discs.

what kind of ink you are using? aftermarket? 3rd party’s?

I am using R800 every single day, print CD, DVD and photos I took. have not had color-off problem. to cost down, I am using InkRepublic R800 bulk ink system, it has been completely functional for (more than) the last year, and have put through far more than 5000 pages. I have lost track of the amount of ink that I’ve put though it, but I can say a lot, possibly more than $4000 equivalent epson dollars.

you may want to take a look too

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