Getting games to run

:confused: the sims game only runs ir you put the disk in so i tried to copy it so the kids dont mess it up is there a code to make it work without the disc every time or is there a way of copying it i can copy it to install but it wont copy the start up bit the bit i need please help me ive been trying for days

using no-cd patch is illegal for an original game, of course you are allowed to make a personal backup of it . please do not post any warez sites here

:cop: they are coming!

Removed all the illegal comments in this thread and would like to issue an official warning to those who originally posted them. Respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules.

Having said that, you can also use the virtual CD Rom option. Many threads in this forum have already dealt with it (dunno how it works exactly, would have helped more if I did), perhaps one of the older threads can be of help (search for ‘Virtual AND drive’)