Getting Errors From Shrink For Third (Random)Time. :(



I download the videos I want to back up with DVD Fab 6 … then I use shrink 3.2 … for some reason … not all videos I back up but so far three out of the tons of videos I’ve made back ups … I get this error … Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue … then it gives the folder address … and says “Invalid access to memory location” … for one and “programming error - exception occurred” … it doesn’t happen every disc in a roll, but this is the third time I’ve got this error. :a

I am using windows xp pro. and I have 2G of memory.

My hardware is fine so I know the problem isn’t in that area. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem? I’ve check the web and see the errors I am having posted at other forums but no solution.:confused:


I’m not sure I understand your process, but lets make a guess here.

You start with a dvd disk, then decrypt and rip it to the hard drive using DVDFab. I’m assuming you are using DVDFab HD Decrypter since you aren’t compressing with DVDFab. Then you try to compress with Shrink.

If you are having problems with the output from DVDFab, look for the latest update for the program. Even the free section gets updated periodically.

If that doesn’t help, or apply in your case, use FixVTS on the ripped movie files before importing them into Shrink.


I’m using the fab6 and I don’t see anyway to check for updates:doh: … can you clarify where to find it in the program?:confused: … thanks for posting too.:flower: I will look into the program you suggested also … :iagree:


Here is the page with options for those who have DVDFab 6:

But you are getting me out of my depth since I’m not a DVDFab user. I suggest starting a thread in our DVDFab forum if you have questions on updating.


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2570908]Here is the page with options for those who have DVDFab 6:

But you are getting me out of my depth since I’m not a DVDFab user. I suggest starting a thread in our DVDFab forum if you have questions on updating.[/QUOTE]

I’ll see if I can find some old thread pertaining to that subject, perhaps I won’t have to start a new thread in that forum … thanks:flower::iagree:

Another question regarding shrink. I have two computers … both with xp pro. But on one shrink will burn after it is finished encoding, but on the other it will not. Now when I first installed shrink it stated I needed Nero installed in order to burn. I installed it yet shrink still would not burn. I have to use fab on that computer to burn the disc. Now the nero program is for my sony burners, and I don’t have a sony on the other computer. Could that be the reason shrink won’t burn on that computer?:confused:


Its possible that your edition of Nero is intentionally crippled in that way.

I suggest getting the version of DVDShrink that can use ImgBurn. It takes the place of DVDDecrypter as one of the burning options. ImgBurn is a free burning program, highly recommended, and can be downloaded here: I would install it first, open the program and hit Write files/folders to a disc. Then set the burning speed to 8 or 12x. ImgBurn will remember this burn setting from that point on.

Follow the instructions of the first post in this thread at Afterdawn: You’ll need to download the executable from Rapidshare. Then unzip the file and replace the executable in Programs.

To use it, you’ll need to have Shrink output as an ISO file and burn automatically with ImgBurn. Import a video into Shrink, hit Backup, then click on Target Device. Set it to burn with ImgBurn and Shrink will use this option until you change it.


:bow:Thank you so much for that info.:flower: I was in the process of downloading IMGBurn when I came to check this thread. I will let you know how it works out.:iagree::clap:


Ok … I got the situation straighten out on the computer that wouldn’t burn after shrink was done … I installed IMG Burn and now dvd decrypter will do the burn after shrink is done.:clap:

Now I’m still having problems with errors on the 2 dvd’s I tried to back up …
I get for one …[COLOR=“Black”]. "DvD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. Failed to read file (were I have the data stored) Video_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB
Invalid access to memory location "…

With the other disc it encoded 100%:sad: then I get the error message :a…
“DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. Programming error - exception occurred The parameter is incorrect.”

Shrink closes out and I have to start all over encoding or analyzing.
Now I’ve seen these errors when I do a search but so far I haven’t seen anything that corrects the situation. Anyone that has had this problem before and found a solution, please post.:confused:

I’m wondering if I must do the whole process over again using a different program to rip … I would like to see if I can correct it with shrink, but if push comes to shove … :rolleyes:[/COLOR]


I would prefer to use the version than can call on ImgBurn rather than DVDDecrypter, since ImgBurn is the vastly improved and updated burning engine from DVDDecrypter, but if you are happy with the setup, go ahead.

Have you updated DVDFab? The newest versions should be able to decrypt any dvds out there at the moment. The free section, DVDFab HD Decrypter should work for most dvds, except for the very latest releases with added protection.

Shrink is almost certainly having problems because the structural protections are not being removed properly and it cannot work with the files.

Another good program for removing encryption is AnyDVD. It works in the background to remove encryption, but also has a built in ripper if you want to use it. AnyDVD has no capability for compressing dvd-video by itself, but can be used in conjunction with DVDShrink for most dvds. If you run into one that causes problems for that combination, you can rip the entire disk to the hard drive with AnyDVD, then work with it using Shrink.
AnyDVD is not a free program, but there is a trial available for download.