Getting error: assertion failure (c:\workplace\scsi_layer\u_udfformater.pas, line 5424)

Assertion failure happened once recently using while trying to burn Ironman main movie from hdd to dvd (don’t remember if sl or dl). Now just got it again, using, trying to burn Indiana Jones 4 main movie from hdd to sl dvd. Is my computer/os getting moldy.

Well welcome to the forum cgos. If you did a search like you supposed to do you would find posts of other dvdfab owners having this failure. I am one of them but this was back in July and my problem is fixed now. This problem is from using the VSO burn engine that is packaged with dvdfab. You can fix this problem by doing a clean uninstall that is located in another fellow members signature and his name is stormjumper. You can also download imgburn and use that as the burn engine for dvdfab. In common settings: The green dot with the check mark click that, then click dvd write and under the burn engine you can choose to use VSO, nero or ImgBurn. Post back if you need more help

The guide is below, but you may find ImgBurn to be a very nice reliable burn engine which can be used within DVDFab…or if you like using the VSO burn engine you can revert back to an older version of the VSO burn engine.

Is this assertion failure being addressed as far being worked on? Please advise.

I switched to IMG Burn instead of VSO. However, the computer stops after copying a DVD. I have to click “OK” to continue with IMG Burn. I am still getting “assertion Failure”. This started happening after I downloaded the latest update from DVBFAB.:confused:

Their is a flaw in the latest DVDFAB update which on some computers will cause “assertion failure” during the burning process. I have contacted the company and they are looking into it.

I reverted back to the old version of DVDFAB Platinum and the problem went away.