Getting Dvd Ram To Read

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I am trying to figure out on my daughter,s computer why it wont read.She has a new system that has Windows Home Premium.I wnet into the control panel and found that it showed error on drive and also that there could be corrupt file.I removed the device and try reinstalling and seeing if it would grab another or see if driver was the problem no luck same thing.I am wondering whter i should redownload driver and try new one will that activate and correct problem.The unit is an lg dvd ram

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Can we just establish if you have Windows XP or Vista…?

It is Windows Vista Home Premium

DVD-RAM software driver is usually provided on CD-ROM that comes with LG CDRIVE you have to install it so your OP system is capable of reading DVD-RAM media----------------SILVERSURFER----------------------------

I guess LG doesn’t supply the DVD-RAM driver, at least in certain areas. A friend of mine got one with Nero and using InCD for DVD-RAM.
However, Vista must follow XP practice and probably enlarge its scope as XP supports and formatts DVD-RAM using FAT file system.
As the other possibility if using it is with UDF, Vista should be able to read all these discs.
But I fear your problem it is not a DVD-RAM specific and you may mean how to allor your drive to read any disc (CD, DVD-R or DVD+R) - meaning your drive to work under Vista.
The O/S should support your drive as a native feature and requiring no driver at all.
I bought a NEC drive that came with no drivers - just a small piece of paper stating just that.