Getting drunk tonight?



I sure am :iagree: What about y’all?


Nope,gotta work tomorrow…


That sucks but on the other hand it gets you money wich is good…


Yesterday was St. Patty’s Day??? I’m still recovering :bigsmile: .


I have to go do a delicate job on a disk array at 2am tomorrow morning… so I’m steering clear of everything except coffee.

I sneaked a Guinness in on Thursday though. :slight_smile:


Friday night didn’t go to plan,

went out with the g/f at 5pm for a couple of drinks ended up sleeping at the bar (pissed) at 9pm :eek: , getting told to leave the pub, g/f taking all my money except taxi money and g/f got in at the small hours of the morning.

To rub salt into my wounds she is now calling me a “light weight” :a

bummer of a weekend :Z