Getting different-sized displays to operate as if the same size with an extended desktop - is it possible?

OK, so I have a dual monitor setup via HDMI to my TV, extended screen. Even though the TV has a larger screen, its max resolution is 1280 x 720, whereas my laptop is 1920 x 1080 (pictures attached). This means that my cursor doesn’t go to the TV if it’s 320 pixels or less from either edge of the laptop’s screen because the PC thinks that another screen ‘doesn’t exist’ above that area.

Without lowering the laptop’s resolution I want the TV to behave like an equally-wide extension of the laptop’s screen. Making the TV 1080 x 1920 causes irritating flicker.

Laptop is Dell L521X, TV is Panasonic TX-32LXD60 if it helps.

  1. move your mouse to the centre before moving it up …
  2. drag the tv to the left (or the right) of the control panel to match your most common actions.

I have two 1920x1200 monitors, and one is in portrait mode (tall), and some screen real estate does not exist, so of course it won’t let you move the mouse cursor to non existent screen …

Other options is to turn your laptop screen off when tv is connected …

Yeah I’m having to move my mouse to the centre, I just wish that I could treat it as something equally wide. I’d have thought there would be a way to adjust it. My L502X would do it despite a higher resolution.

Maybe the “monitor configuration” option from DisplayFusion can ?

Downloaded and tried, no joy sadly.