Getting data back from formatted drive



hey guys,

my hard drive was accidentaly formatted, and i had a LOT of stuff on there that is irreplacable, ie photos etc. I was wondering if you guys knew what my chances were of getting the stuff back from it? im pretty sure nothing has been written to the drive yet. thanks


in case this makes a difference, the drive wasn’t partitioned and i didn’t refragment regularly…


take a look at the free version of if you still have faith in partition magic :eek: you could try the integrated uneraser. Or you could do a little searching with google. The only program of this type i’ve ever tried is winternals disc commander although it seems it’s been discontinued, could’nt find it on their site.

edit oh I amost forgot the most important thing of them all. DO NOT USE the drive for ANYTHING before you’ve gotten all your files off of it.