Getting cyclic redundancy check error while copying VCD


Recently i bought a movie VCD. iwant to copy it to my laptop.when i am trying to copy,after some point of time i am getting cyclic redundancey check error.

Is there any software to fix it?:sad:
remember it is VCD…

Help me out .thanks in Advance…:clap::flower:

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If you get that error while ripping the disc, probably the disc is dirty or scratched. Try to clean it and see if this solve.

Another thing you can try is to use a different drive to rip the disc.

If no drive is able to read that disc, then probably the disc is defective, and you can ask for a refund.

Yeah,most likely as geno888 stated,but could also be a bad burned vcd disc,or corrupted files…But how are you copying to laptop?..
Try with,
or this,

The crc error could also denote a struggle with the copy protection contained on the vcd that you purchased.

What are you using for ripping?


The issue is due to copy protection by the VCD manufacturer.Is there any way to skip this and can copy it to my laptop?