Getting Copy protected CD to play on SONY CD Walkman D-CJ501

Hi all …

i have this copy protected audio CD of Iron Maiden-Dance of death, which doesnt seem to play on my SONY CD walkman (model - D-CJ501) . is there any way i can make it play on my walkman by ripping it to some other format like normal audio CD or mp3 format ?
any 1 has an idea about any software which can do this ripping. Is there a way Nero can be used here ?

<Cool Shal>

Your Walkman is designed to play CD-DA or Philips Red Book Audio.

A copy protected CD is not standard Red Book format.

Print off this page

Take the disc and this page, back to where you bought the CD and demand a refund because the disc won’t work in your Philips Red Book Audio compatible player.

send EMI an email as well telling them your problem and that you will not buy any more of their protected cds’…