Getting confused - diff between recordnow and easy media creator



Anyone shed some light for me on the diff between recordnow v.7 and easy media creator v 7.? I was going to buy one or the other. Mainly to copy/burn DVDs + to make up my own audio CD collections.




The both do the same thing, make discs. To copy/burn DVDs use DVD Shrink in combination with DVD Decrypter to burn the discs. To make audio CDs use CDBurnerXP or Deepburner. All are free and work quite well.


Thanks for your help - much appreciated. I’ll hunt around for the programs you recommended.



PS - while I have got your excellent ear - what would be the best place, do you know, to get an idiot’s guide to burning and copying DVDs?




You can try my excellent ear:


My goodness - so many excellent ears around! I had a quick look at the site and there is tons of stuff to look at. Thanks for that. Not sure that it has a real idiot’s guide as opposed to a pretend one. I really need something that starts -

  1. stick the dvd you want to copy in the dvd player

  2. Fire up xx software … etc

But I’ll start reading anyway.


Those are the guides I used when I knew nothing and now DVD burning is easy to me. Trust me, they’re great for the clueless and smart alike.


Another really good source for guides is In many ways I prefer doom9 for guides over afterdawn.


OK - thanks to all who helped. I now have enough guides to keep me busy for a month.