Getting coasters, can anyone help



Im using AnyDVD + CloneDVD with arita 4x DVD+R on a pioneer a06. Get a coaster every time :frowning: Any suggestions? I think it could be the media, but I was under the impression it was a good brand?


Ok a bit more info for you. CloneDVD reports the disc wrote successfully however the disc is not recognised afterwards with arita dvd+r. Datawrite dvd-r’s seem to work fine. What would be a good alternative brand of DVD+R to go for then?


Well, Arita isn’t known for their quality CDRs. I bought some of those once, and I’ll never buy them again, that’s for sure.

It could be that a newer firmware will solve this problem, but for now I think all you can do is using another brand of DVD+R discs.

Good brands? Pfft I’d recommend any A-quality disc you can get (for media tests, please visit this thread).


Thanks for the input. I bought the arita disks cos I thought they were ritek, which were meant to be good? Anyway I will look at the thread you posted thanks.