Getting closer I have a compession question

I was able to free up some storage, about 2 gigs. I compressed a Dvd(movie only)to fit and then burned it(Dvd-r). It was a rather aggressive compess. The movie has little skips now and then during set top play. Are these skips compression related. Or am I missing something. I then burned it Dvd+r and can only play 5 mins of the movie, then it freezes. Getting even closer but still not quite there. Any Thoughts? Zdvd

Well, for starters you will need at least 5G of free space. If your compressing a movie down to 2G it’s no wonder it looks bad. Also what operating system are you running?

win 2000 pro. What are some signs of too much compression? I know im experiencing them but are there others?

The fact it’s skipping suggests the DVD’s you are using may be low quality, or your standalone DVD player simply cannot read them correctly.

Higher compression will cause the picture to look pixellated.
Compression levels will NOT cause a video to skip, unless you are changing the framerate, which no program does by default because it’s a silly way of reducing file size.

You will only require 5GB’s of HD space, if you have 2hrs or more of DVD quality video. At the moment, I’d suggest you have less than 40mins of video.

Try using a different brand DVD-R. Preferably Taiyo Yuden (TY) or CMC if you can lay your hands on it. Refer to the CDfreaks bargain basement forum to find some in your area :slight_smile:

For more information on success & failure with DVDR media, try the cdfreaks Media forum.

Still having some troubles. The media im using is CMC (CMC MAG.AE1). I just finished checking my last backup and the feature freezes in about 35 mins. Theres no way past 35mins.

I reauthor in dvd shrink. Movie only and have to compress to about 2.0 gigs due to my unfortunetly small laptop. P2, 2 gigs avail, 128ram, liteon external 2.0 usb dvd rw,windows 2000 pro.
A few backups I have completed this way work fine. One had little random skips and jumps but overall operated from start to finish. Dawn of the Dead worked no problems at all.

Cant put my finger on the randomness of my backups.

Im using Roxio creater classic for the burning process.

Still a newbie, and definetly not the system to be attemping this. But why does it work sometimes and not others? hummmm

not quite there zdvd

If you have a DVD feature available that is less then a hour in length (an animated movie perhaps) you could try that as a test. Also, are you using the quality settings options? I use maximum smooth myself.

I have the same issue with CMC DVD+R. My player can’t seem to work all the time… A few movie backups play 1/2 way then just stop. Then the player ejects the disc.

Scanned on a PC, no read errors, PI/PIF are very low, but the player just can’t read them.

Track down some TYG01 (taiyo Yuden 1-4x DVD-R) and your worries will likely be over.

Try the CDfreaks bargain basement forum, there is a whole thread on where to lay your hands on them.

Where are you in the world anyway? Continent will do:iagree:


Roxio Creator is succesfully the worst Writing software ever in creation.

Try downloading DVDdecryptor and then writing the DVD directly from DVDshrink. DVDdecryptor is free, but feel free to make a donation to the original author of the software.

Uninstall roxio to make your life easier. There is free software like freeburnerXP & Burn At Once which are actually quite good, and will give good results more often than Roxio.

With roxio, it’s like playing chicken … maybe the other driver will swerve …

I appreciate all the help. Im going to try Dvd Decrypter, also different media in the future.
The only other thing that im not sure of is buffer underrun and if that may have anything to do with this problem. Can anyone explain buffer underrun?

All DVD writers have BURN-Proof (Buffer Under RuN - Proof) so they cannot get buffer underruns anymore.

However if burn-proof is being activated constantly, there may be resynching errors on the disk (slightly shorter/longer gaps where the laser has to stop & then restart). For this reason, we try to keep the buffer full. :wink:

Well once again Thanks for the Help.

I gave away some of my backups for reviewing in different players. The results were encourging. Mixed results but I was able to determine that maybe my settop player is confusing my results.
My old p2 isnt capable of playing dvds, so ive only had one source of checking my progress. I know im burned out on dvd duplication, so im forcing myself to take a break… haha i’ll see how long my break lasts.
But i’ll be back


If it has a dvdrom, run the burnt DVD’s through CDcheck (freeware proggie) which will check the readability of the files, if not the actual decompressed images/sound. :iagree: