Getting clips from several dvds to one

I am trying to take clips from several dvds and get onto one dvd. Is there a good program to do this with?? I really would not need menus just maybe each chapter to be a different clip…

i have dvd shrink, can i do this in reauthor mode??? if i burn all the movies to my hard drive first and then do it from there???

If you want to select clips from dvd’s, you will either need a program to edit mpeg files, or you will have to demux the video and then edit it. There are software programs and guides for this at

With dvd shrink in reauthor mode you can add all titles you want, selecting the right order and then pressing the “backup” button. In this way, resulting video DVD will play all titles in the same sequence you selected initially. In this way, however, each title IS NOT a different chapter of the same movie, but resulting DVD will be such more than one movie on the same disc.

If you want create chapters you must use a DVD authoring software.

yes you can with dvd shrink I have 800 dvd’s and choosing one from a list on papper just does’nt cut it
so i get previews or trailers as such and back them up to the hard drive do this with your clips then when your done get them from the re-aurthor section again were u saved them

It means spending a few $$$ but I would suggest getting an authoring program.
My favorite reauthoring tool is DVDlab pro . You can import vob’s or mpg, create new menus including moving menus, add sound and color or picture backgrounds to the menus, easily draw the navigation between clips and menus and buttons or hot spots, in addition to chapters at clip start you can add additional chapter points etc…
There’s a certain learning curve to it but once you’ve worked with it a while it’s easy and very flexible, You are in complete control. I use it to author all my home videos and it does a very professional looking job.