Getting CD Writing Software to Recognise MP3's Downloaded From UTube

I have been burning MP3’s to Audio CD’s for many years. Recently, I have found numerous homemade videos on You Tube that I would like to burn to CD. I have tried 5 different CD burners and none of them will recognize any MP3’s downloaded from You Tube. Even though my computer can read and play these MP3’s with no problem, each time I attempt to add one as a track, the CD burning software says it’s not a valid MP3 file. Does anyone know how I can get around this?

Since most YouTubes are .flv or .mp4 . How are you you converting the audio track to .mp3 ?

I use a You Tube Downloader that allows me to download as any format I like. It has about 6 movie choices (MPG, AVI, WMV) and several music choices. I usually download them as MPGs and then use a free software I downloaded called Music Frost to convert it to MP3. Then I can either watch the video or listen to just the MP3 on my computer.

I haven’t used YouTube downloader for a while . I did use YouTube Downloader HD & it does a good job but doesn’t have a converter. My usual method now is to copy the YouTube vidoe directly from IE temporary internet files.
Audacity ® 1.3.12-beta (Unicode) will do the .flv’s & .mp4’s. Use it’s export & set the options where you want them for the .mp3.
These should burn to an Audio CD. If your burning software can burn .mp3’s to Audio CD. Burrn is one that will do this.

I have casstts and LP music that would like to convert to CD Wath I need to have to do this

[QUOTE=jomartgo;2584107]I have casstts and LP music that would like to convert to CD Wath I need to have to do this[/QUOTE] Record them via your pc and then write those to disc. There are plenty of USB casette players and USB LP record players than can do this for you.