Getting 'bad disk' on some burns



I just started backing up my DVD’s. On some, not all I’m getting ‘Bad Disk’. It’s the same movies and I can’t figure out why.

Media: Verbatim 16X and CompUSA 4X DVD+R.
Ripper/Burner: Samsung S182D (SB04 & I just flashed with SB05 and still got bad disk)

Any thoughts or direction?

Used DVD Decrypter and DVDFab Lite (newest version), DVD Shrink 3.2.


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I won’t be surprised if you getting bad burn from Comusa brand it is not that reliable brand of DVD media, as for the Verbatim although is very good brand you might have bad bunch by accident. Try to use another bunch of Verbatim and Sony along with Fuji (MIJ for last two) if possible.


Thanks for responding. I’ve actually gone through 70 of the CompUSA disks and 30 of the V’s without any problems. It’s only been with: Casino Royale, Carnivale Season 2 Disk 6 and Last Kiss.

Everytime, even if I delete and re-backup, I still get ‘bad isk’ when I try to play it. It seems to be movie specific. I have disks 1-5 backed up of Carnivale no problem, but not disk 6. Puzzled?


What are you burning with? what speed? I use Verbs with no probs…
Are you doing full movie or main movie only? try IMGBurn …


Casino Royale has the latest Sony DVD Video protection try to use program “RipIt4Me” (free) or AnyDVD to rip the movie and then burn it.