Getting audio off of a dvd



Hello all…It’s been a while since I’ve been here,more work and less time. My question is I own several Rory Gallagher in concert DVDs. Is there a way I could just get the audio off of the DVDs so I could burn them to a cd so as to be able to listen in my car. I can’t afford a dvd system for my car at this point. Some of the software I own is AnyDVD,CloneDvd, NeroStart Smart,IMGBurn, DVdDecrypter. I would really appreciate all the detailed help I can get. Please thanks in advance for any help and suggestions. I really hope there is a quick fix to do this,LOL.


Well since you already have DVdDecrypter,use it to rip the audio…
Once you have your ac3,then convert to wav or mp3 with Belight,or DaudioK, or choice of converters/audio editors …


If LPCM is a choice for audio stream I’d use that. Otherwise, same as last reply.