Getting around Content Keeper

u didnt accept

Check the presentation slide three and do it fast!!!

idk if it’s the same with other districts, but chrome is way more restricted than firefox. on chrome we can’t add any extentions at all, but with firefox theres various vpns we can download. the only problem is the vpns don’t work outside of school so theres actually less internet freedom at home than at school. i’m on windows btw

also its very interesting to see how long this thread has been going on for

Why don’t vpns work outside of school? Wdym?

idk why but the vpns dont work when im not on school wifi

Huh… That’s so weird. Does your home wifi block things, like the vpns?

I think this thread died.

hopefully one day they crack the code, one day though, one day.

Look at www everyone at our school knows about it bu they cant block it. It must have some type of advanced firewall aer something

Lol I did back in January, and there’s multiple other ways to do it. I’d be glad to help, I haven’t checked this forum in like 6 months.

Anybody got a bypass for contentkeeper on chrome os. The problem is my school also puts this on the computers.

so does any one have a way to bypass it. Also on an unrelated note, also on chrome os is there any way to get blocked extensions?

can u help me

Im a kid i neeed help i hate this f*** content keeper i login to it and it blocks i delete next day app is back its f*** stupid

Im using a school ipad

this is what it says this is the image

Hey dude, this chat is pretty dead.

I mean, kinda?

Im talking about the content keeper and how to get around it

it hasn’t been talked about in months :slightly_smiling_face: