Getting around Content Keeper

I just want my startpage back!!! :frowning:

It has come to my attention that the majority of people are attempting to access the google slides with school emails, and I don’t believe my responses are making it back to their inboxes. Just a reminder that no school emails, computers, or networks should be used when accessing this document. We also need more contributors to test and report any working vpn or other hack they find. This is the link.

Here is our discord server. You can get one on one help here and discussions are welcome.

Thanks everyone and good luck!

Also if you have previously requested access, go ahead and send a new request so I’ll see it. Just remember no school emails.

Hey isent my request with an account other than my school account but u never accepted yet

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u didnt accept

Check the presentation slide three and do it fast!!!

idk if it’s the same with other districts, but chrome is way more restricted than firefox. on chrome we can’t add any extentions at all, but with firefox theres various vpns we can download. the only problem is the vpns don’t work outside of school so theres actually less internet freedom at home than at school. i’m on windows btw

also its very interesting to see how long this thread has been going on for

Why don’t vpns work outside of school? Wdym?

idk why but the vpns dont work when im not on school wifi