Getting around Content Keeper

@Andrew_Frisch depends. What OS you on?

I’m on Windows 10. Is there a bypass yet?

well, I use MacBook pros at my school as well as Mac OS X I believe

if you still need a bypass for mac os, just download cromuim onto a flash drive, right click cromium(this is important) then select run, when a windo pops up click run anyways. now you can brows blocked sites and mabey also be invisible.(by booting of the flash drive i think the pc wont be able to track the program allowing the bypass).

Alright so, I have read a lot of these comments, and here is what i know: google sites are unblocked, and they can’t block them i don’t think, because they are google sites. (correct me if I’m wrong, i might be). Anyway, so if there is a way to create a proxy website using a google site, then they can’t block it I don’t think. Also, there is a program that most people can install on school computers called “Process Explorer.” It is like the task manager but can see programs running that the task manager cannot. So there might be something in there that you can end, so that they can’t see what they’re doing and stuff like that. Also, there might be other things you can do with this as well, I just haven’t looked enough into it.

I use process explorer actually @Blueboogey but if you end the contentkeeper process you cant connect to any sites since it’s also used as the school’s proxy. i found this out a couple months ago.

@staus you should join our discord so you can help more people
we already have bypasses for windows and one potential one for mac, so this one will need to be tested and proven

Ok, so I am on Macbook Air for my school laptop and am positive that we are not being traced by an admin(at least on my part). I found out a simple way to get unblocked downloads for games on the computer without passwords. Basically as long as the download for it is unblocked and it is the correct file I can get it on the computer. Which means if we can find out a way to make something such as this we could technically create our own “virus” and change the settings that the admins have created. This sounds REALLY far fetched but in some way it may be possible. Hear me out.

I have a new issue. My school attempted to block youtube, but we just used duckduckgo. Now duckduckgo wont play videos from youtube, is this related to CK? Also, my school stops me from logging into my personal google account, is there a way around this? My discord is BradytheGuy991#3176 if anyone has the answer. The school also added Ublock Orgin to my chrombook, what is that?

My youtube got restricted as well and I am furious. I have no idea how to get it back because I am literally stuck. Like Music_Maker said we are screwed no matter what we do.

For some reason that website isn’t blocked by my content keeper even though it says proxy in it.

Unlock orgin is the objectively best adblocker. Almost all modern adblockers are based off of unlock orgin.
No way around the sign in restrictions as far as I know

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It is the best adblocker but it doesn’t unblock content keeper just ads that pop up on websites.

Yeah, uBlock Origin (by Raymond Hill) is pretty much the all around #1 ad/junk blocker online if you ask me as the internet would suck without it. it should be pretty much a default install for Firefox/Chrome. I prefer Firefox.

Hey man can you please help me, my discord is bubbacarter05#4058 im currently trying to access spotify, i am on a chrome OS, I cannot add extenions, the pre installed are goobric for students, screencastify, ChromeGaurd, google cast for education, interCLASS cloud student extension, learning outcomes, CKAuthenticator, Take screenshot, GO gaurdian, and GO gaurdian license.

bruhhhh this content sh*t is annoying

honestly, I have been reading this thread of comments and want to explain my problem because I need help as well and want to help even though I’m not good at this type of stuff, I am on a Chromebook, I’m trying to access Wattpad, Discord, and Quotev. I can add extensions but really popular proxies like coxyproxy and more, aren’t available for me to download, CKAuthenticator and Mirroring360. I can’t go on Discord to chat though, and I don’t have any other social medias and I can’t get on Discord or any other social medias on my personal account either because for some reason, it has been put on restricted mode and I cannot get on any websites

Okay so like idk abt u, but I was able to get Spotify on here. Not through the web store though. Once you search Spotify, click it and login. It wasn’t blocked for me so it shouldn’t be blocked for you (hopefully) and then there is a little circle with a plus mark inside of it, in the URL box. From there you can hover over it and it should say Install Spotify. Technically, you aren’t installing it, it just becomes a shortcut that you can pin to the taskbar.
Surprisingly, that works for many websites like Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. The thing with Instagram is that it’s now blocked. It wasn’t blocked before, but for some reason it is now. TikTok is blocked for “Adult Content” -_-
Hope that helped!

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