Getting around Content Keeper

see what I mean

please show me something so i can play surviv io

There are unblocked games too like scratch you find it at google.

I would just like to remind people that we actually do have a Discord that we use mainly for this now.

I started school in August and around that time there was really no blocker. I’d use Discord all the time but the blockers started happening gradually from late September - October I found my way around it pretty easily as the days came by (basically just try to get into the blocked website faster than the extension before it loaded) But now it’s December and CKauthenticater has become a full-fledged asshole. I can get into the discord webpage and click the login but it’ll just show the load screen over and over again and never load, this is my only way to access discord.

I’m currently using a Chrome OS and I’ve tried multiple tricks esc + shift and disabling the program (sorta worked but it came back up as I expected), the “before it loads” method, using google translate to get into websites (doesn’t work on flash games or discord), login through the blocker site, and trying to remove the extension overall. I can’t access certain apps like Pinterest (I’m in Art AP, I thrive on this app) I’ve tried searching up on google for photo inspo too and it will block out certain images it literally looks like paint samples certain words too can trigger a block like “hardcore alt” I can download certain things too like spotify, zoom, grammarly, roblox (suprisingly) Idk if there’s a solution I’ll be checking here every now and then thanks :[ but if it helps CKAuthenticater is also associated with iboss which is another block extension that not only blocks websites it records anything you type in the search bar whether you search it up or not

My school also uses insight teachers but I found a way to bypass it, basically it loads a screen that says “allow insight teachers to see your screen?” and it’ll leave a yes or no button, don’t click either button instead click on your tab and ignore the pop-up it’ll still be on your screen but your tab will be in front. Even if you click “no” it’ll still work as a blocker, just ignore it.

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so on my end I have a personal computer and but when I go to school it is and blocked. now for me because i can access at home it is doesn’t bother me as much. how when I’m at school everything is block, it is very annoying. This year though it got worst at the start of the year it wasn’t that bad, but so far its just got bad.
It started with twitch which isn’t the end of the world. then it just was more and more sites blocked. And ever since the start of school Hulu has worked and it doesn’t now, it worked in December 2020. I have the Hulu app down loaded too it doesn’t work either. I also tried tracking a package and the DHL website at lease where I’m at is blocked. I think its bulls*** that they can do it, even when I’m on my own personal computer.

I’m in 10th grade and it is not the end of the world for me because i have to only go half the day.

let me know if there is any thing I can do to help, I have plenty of flash drives and storage devices to test with let me know.

Hello, I’m trying to get to discord. I cannot access it at all at this time, but if you have Xbox Live, you can send me a message there with any info (UwUDaLokesUwU). I am on Chrome OS, Cannot download or remove any extensions, and my school is using only ContentKeeper. The chrome://supervised-user-internals bypass does not work. I know this is old, but I hope you can still help.

UPDATE: Okay, I have a discord, but still cannot access it. I’m on the server as LookiDookiPookiBean#5648, And I JUST found out my school uses Absolute For Chromebooks on top of CK, and I’m pretty sure that this will make it more difficult to find a bypass. Ffs, why is this so F*cking HARD?

I hate this so much…- It’s made WORSE by the fact that My school’s E-Sports Club uses Discord. Why do they do this? Do they feel happy, going home every day knowing they suck the joy out of children’s lives? The school system and CK’s CEO and employees are monsters…