Getting around Content Keeper


  • Normal school is boring.
  • Due to the ssl decryption features of contentkeeper, they can see everything you are doing on the internet. This is bad, especially for those who were given/only have a school device. At home, we should have a right to privacy.

i respect that and let alone yall are doing this for your own interest and for free

I know-how to get past it i am a hacker do YOU wana know-how to do it i have ben using it FOR ever They can not block it i teated that So i know-how it works

Tell me When YOU read this

The principal seen me do it and it stil works and he îs mean

um some of us already have it figured out

I’m not gonna lie, but that sounds like a load of bs. So if you want to prove me wrong, then show this “hack” that you created.

in 5th grade or last year i maneged to see what people were searching on google some how

Hm? How is that possible, even for a fifth grader? Do you have any insight into HOW you managed to do that? It could be useful for our goal here, but we’ll see.

Cntrl + h, on shared computers that they don’t login on.

Well that’s not useful at all then. Especially if you have to not log in first. (._.)

can yall hack fortnite for me please im verybad at that game

Hey guys, I really like how ya’ll are continuing this forum. And I hope you guys eventually figure it out, but right now I find it a little funny about the amount of little kids on this forum lmao. But I hope you guys best of luck!

Yeah sure, for 150 dollars, I will give you a fortnite hack. It’s an exe file, so you just run the file (it needs admin permissions, so say yes when the prompt appears) and it will install hacks for you.

Lol, hacking is bad. I will not give you a hack, you just have to take the time to get good.

This thread is almost 15 years old! It took almost 15 years to beat Content Keeper! Good job guys!

I mean, the first guy was able to beat contentkeeper. It’s just that schools have upgraded security since then.

So, have you guys found any fixes yet?

@Andrew_Frisch depends. What OS you on?

I’m on Windows 10. Is there a bypass yet?