Getting around Content Keeper



Hi everyone,

My school uses the program ContentKeeper to block access to certain websites. I was wondering if it is possible to get around it and how.


Update with solution

The solution I finally found is NordVPN. WOW, just noticed they have a temporary offer so that it’s only $3.99 $2.99 a month.

Best thing is they have 500 server in 60 countries, so I can now also download torrents anonymously and stream Netflix movies from other countries. It works well on my PC and mobile.


Hold Tight, there is a site available that serves as a proxy for bypassing most filters. I cant confirm its sucess with Content Keeper though. I’m waiting for a mate to sent me the link. Be Advised though most Admins monitor activity and once they pick up on it you may find yourself in hot water.


Cheers, I look forward to it. It wouldn’t be called Proxifier would it?

Anyway, if they were going to get mad they already would have (numerous attempts at different things)! :wink:


I use WebWarper [dead link removed] A pretty good proxy that’s free… and has some good options (antivirus mode, for example).

Any other free proxy website should do, though. A quick look on “those” (unmentionable) sites should uncover a few sites :wink:


I tried to get to [Dead link to Webwarper removed]] but was blocked by contentkeeper used by my admin. Any way around it?


This thread is 3 years old. I suggest you access it on another computer.


There are some known vulnerabilities which you may be able to use to get past Content Keeper. I found this in Google:


[QUOTE=qweruiop;2593029]There are some known vulnerabilities which you may be able to use to get past Content Keeper. I found this in Google:[/QUOTE]

We on here are against anything that violates and bypass system blocks and they are their for a reason as well. And if the OP wants to access those site he/she needs to contact their school IT/Admin and give them the reason why they need to access those sites. Also this is way old posting dating from '05 and most likely content keeper has updated and revised to do more and more security update so trying to bypass a security that was setup there for a reason is at best dubious and tells of user for anything but good reason to bypass a security that was there in the first place… :cop:


… And if the OP wants to access those site he/she needs to contact their school IT/Admin…

And considering the OP was from 2005, let’s hope they’ve grown up and maybe even graduated High School…:stuck_out_tongue:


[QUOTE=olyteddy;2593136]And considering the OP was from 2005, let’s hope they’ve grown up and maybe even graduated High School…:p[/QUOTE]

Yes, let’s hope so as well… :smiley:


Use Node unblocker because it allows you to enter the website URL and open a backdoor for you to enter


if you use chrome, you can go to the chrome web store and install a vpn. I use ultrasurf. It worked up until today. The admin can block specific extensions. They might not have blocked it. so go to the chrome web store and add ultrasurf and turn it on. Just make sure to delete it from chrome when you’re done. Go to chrome://extensions to delete it. you should be able go get around it.


I used almost all of those websites it would either say it is unprotected ( hackers ) Or Site cant be reached.


More the less,“Your connection is not private.”


none of these sites worked for me they where all blocked by contentkeeper more like content horder :rage:


so i think i found a way around it. extensions wont work because my admin blocked all other extensions on the Chromebook. so i was messing around with the chrome://chrome-urls type links that are only available on the Chromebook. I then came across the chrome://supervised-user-internals Chromebook link and i found out if you type in a link in there it somehow unblocks Content keeper but only at my home WI-FI network. the same trick doesent seem to work at my school network though a proxy network could get it to work. I hope this helps. edit: whelp school blocked task manager so i cant get around securly anymore rip. edit 2: contentkeeper seems to be generally blocked at my home network now but securly is still able to block certain sites at home and at school. Edit 3: I feel like contentkeeper is no longer a problem for me, but now securly is getting in the way. It is forced by administrator, i can go into task manager but cant end any tasks because my school found out about the task manager trick. cant go in developer mode, I even tried to factory reset my chromebook and get into developer tools, but even that is blocked. ive recently been trying ways to get around it but none worked. I might find a way soon but for now still have these sites blocked. Edit 4: also apparently real-time html editors dont work either which sucks.


Contentkeeper is practically a god, but me and a lot of my friends who are professionals at coding, and hacking. We formed an alliance. We feel we are so close to getting it, but when we do, you’ll be the first we tell.


Any Updates?


No not yet. The administrator’s shut us down and we have to start all over in a low-key way. Which is gonna be hard because the have us on full on watch. But i’m really trying. I’ll get back to you as soon as I get it down.


Dang they must be trying hard to stop people from getting around. Content keeper on my chromebook isnt an extension, but instead looks like it is built into my school district. It only seems to only work at school though which is good, but I also have a securly app on my chromebook. It seems to block more at home which sucks because if I try to research something the page will just get blocked. Good luck getting around it guys :slight_smile: