Getting an odd error! Help

Hello all - I’m new here, but maybe you guys could help me out.

I have a Compaq Presarios V2410US laptop with a CD/DVD Burner, DVR-K15. I have been able to succesfully burn CDs and DVDs but recently I’ve run into some new problems…

When I burn CDs with no pause between tracks (I Use Nero 6 Ultra Edition), my CDs either Fail or when they work… they still ulimately fail. What happens is this: the first few songs work, but then either they will blend with each other (no seperation of tracks) or the CD errors and the tracks dont work, even without a burn fail.

I’ve been burning CDs and DVDs for years… this is beyond me! My firmware is up to date and I’ve tried using many different media brands.

CDs work fine without the pauses in them… any help would be wonderful!

Thanks, Bryan

I suggest to use BURRRN for CDDA. Nero still sucks.

Other than changing from Nero does anyone else have any ideas? Does anyone suggest anything for a quick fix, or do I need to get my drive serviced through HP/Compaq?

Hi, to sort out software issues, trying another software would be the first choice. Do as chef suggested. If that works, then there is nothing wrong with the drive.