Getting an 8x burn speed out of an 8x burner

Hello Everyone, I recently installed a new LiteOn 1673S burner. Using Nero v6.6.0.14 and I cannot get it to burn faster than 4x. Is it because the LiteOn is reading the platters I am using? They are 4x. Can I change this to use the 8x burn speed? I also have a Sony DW-D22A and it burns at 8x using Nero v6.6.0.14 and a 4x platter. Thanks for your help.


Check this

and this

what media ya using?

Using TDK & Memorex, 4x speed in both drives. My Sony DW-D22A shows 8x ability with either media and my Lite-on SOHW-1673S shows 4x ability with either media. Thanks

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