Getting alot of rejected DVD's when burnig movis

I am using Memorex DVD+R dvd’s to burn movies. I am using Clone DVD with Any DVD. I am getting a lot of rejected DVD’s. Does anyone know a fix to this problem or is it the dvd’s I am using???

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The best method to solve this problem is to get rid of these media. Usually these are low quality discs, and often give bad results.

I suggest you to buy some verbatim (avoid discs marked as “pearl white”) or taiyo yuden. Other choiced are TDK and Sony, especially if are made in Japan.

Anyway, what burner/firmware do you have?

Yes, Memorex has been nick-named Memorsux here on the cdf threads!

Buy Taiyo Yueden (how do you spell it?), or Sony +R as long as the label states it is made in Japan and not Taiwan. Order online if you can’t find them on storeshelves.


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thank you. I kind of figured it was the quality of the dvd’s, but I am new at this.

Use better media. Like geno888 asked what burner and firmware you using?