Getting album art on Ipod Classic



I have an Ipod Classic 160 gb player. I have about 2000 mp3 on the Ipod.
I would like to get the album art on my Ipod for this music. I dont have this music backed up on my computer.
Is their software that will allow me to add album art to music on my Ipod?
I use Media Monkey at the moment to transfer music. I hate Itunes.
I want use it… Thanks so much…


Hey WCM, why you hatin on iTunes?..Anyhow, there’s this nice lil tool called, Mp3Tag…Google it…Ok! I’ll do it for you this time…And with ~2000 mp3’s you best get started…
Good luck and have fun…:cool:


If you have the images to insert You can use TagScanner5.1 to imbed the jpg
into mp3 or m4a files.

But you’ll have to copy them off of the ipod to do it or the process will be impossibly slow.

I also HATE iTunes because of apple’s typically sloppy orgainzation.

It seems that Apple cannot pay attention to the “Album Artist” (not to be confused with “artist”) field in the id3 tag specification, nor can they be bothered to actually imbed the image in the files themselves
(like an extra 30k-70k makes a significant difference in a 5meg-10meg file)

Live albums and “compilation” albums are dumped not into the folder for the specific artist but into a catch-all folder for “compilations”


Thanks for the help.


I think iTunes has already a decent artwork fetcher function - right-click > Get Album Artwork.

However it is true that it does not find all the artwork 100% of the time. As long as you purchased your music off the iTunes store it is working perfect.