Getting a writing error in the middle of a burn (was: Please Help!)

I installed my BenQ1620 and I cant get one burn. I have it set as Primary-master(My harddrive is a SATA). I tried burning with nero and dvd santa. I get anywhere from 30% to 50% and then I get error writing message. I then flashed firmware to B7T9 and its still no good(the flash worked). I started with Taiyo-Yuden dvd+r discs(T02)they didnt work, so i tried some ritek Dvd-r 4X(g03) and they also did not work. I tried burning at all the various speeds too.
I checked my system properties and everything is set correct. Im LOST I thought flashing it would fix the problem, but it did not. Please help!!

P4 3.2ghz
Intel 875mb
1gb ddr333
Win 2000 pro, ASPI 4.6

I’ve read something about the same problem in a dutch forum. The person also had his dvdr drive setup as master. Set the drive as slave and if possible enable dma settings.
Don’t forget to set the jumpers of the Benq as slave. Succes.

Still dont work, any other ideas?

Isolate the drive on it’s own channel

Have you also tried it as secundary master. Did you check the bios settings.
What IDE cable are you using, 40 wired or 80?

-tried it primary master, primary slave
-tried it secondary master, secondary slave
-tried it with NO other device except harddrive
-Bios checked and settings OK
-I tried Every Firmware (got it to flash perfectly)
–swithed IDE cables, 40 and 80
-tried Taiyo-Yuden dvd+r discs(T02)they didnt work, so i tried some ritek Dvd-r 4X(g03) and they also did not work. I tried burning at all the various speeds too.
-Please help…Im getting drunk …about 20 cans drank…ready to wire it out the window

21 down goin on 22

Typing perty good for that many beers lol Anyway i know you were asked this B 4 but is UDMA set to 2 in the device manager under IDE?

I only have PIO or DMA, and its showing ultra DMA2

Let start from basic, what is the brand of your T02? Fuji, TDK or unbranded?

I"d really appreciate any help. I hate to send it back for something else. i got to go to a basketball game with my kids…goood thing or benq would be a pile of scrap metal really soon.

Taiyo-Yuden dvd+r discs(T02). somewhere on the forum I researched and they said they were one of the best with 100% satisfaction. Yes i checked them with nero and they are what their suppose to be

What burning software do you use? If it’s Nero, can you start nero info tool to see if there are strange things of conflicts…maybe aspi conflict or so??
Don’t do any stupid things you’re gonna regret later. I know it’s hard sometimes when you don’t see a solution to your problem. But here are a lot of people whom are willing to help people with real computer related problems. :iagree:

So I assume is unbranded TY (no brand name on the disk). I just wanted to make sure it’s not a fake T02.

Can you download Nero CD Speed 3.61 here , pop in a blank T02 and hit F9 to “create data disk”, after done (sucessful or not), hit the small disk icon on the top right and save it to png and post here. If there is an error, let us know what the error says.

My point is, if there’s a problem with your system setup (driver conflict etc), we can also see some spikes in the chart.

here it is, I got to go to the game, I’ll check latter. I really appreciate your help, thanks!

when I checked them with nero and Dvd identifier they say they ARE what thier suppose to be?

What you could do is hang the Benq in another pc or so, too see if it’s a drive problem (benq 1620) or other hardware/software problem.
What kind of burning software is installed, only Nero? run the nero info tool to see if there’s no aspi conflict.

mark44 you don’t have by any chance have Intel’s Application Accelerator (IAA) or the IAA-RAID Edition installed do you ?

That can upset some DVD writers and cause some problems if you do try uninstalling it to see if that resolves the issue. Also not sure if it will make a difference but try installing the latest version of Intel’s chipset drivers you can get them from this link.

If it doesn’t work after that and I see you have tried quite a few things already I’d suggest you RMA the drive as I was in a similar situation because the first BenQ 1620 I purchased was rubbish with all sorts of problems and I tried literally everything to make it work but it refused to behave so after RMA’ing it the replacement drive I received has performed extremely well and I’m very happy with it.

By the way running a somewhat similar setup to you the drive should just work their shouldnt be any need for any messing around:
P4 3.2Ghz
(Asus) Intel 875 mobo
1GB DDR400
WinXP Pro

Did you install all of the software on the included disc? If so, remove Sonic DLA, and keep RecordNow. Likewise remove Nero’s InCD and Roxio’s DirectCD if present.

Zip to the store and purchase practically any other brand of DVD+r discs. I noticed that you are using TY. They are often faked.

Update or removal of 3rd party IDE drivers? (don’t remove your SATA drivers!)

Viruses? Or virus scanner operating during dvd writing?

Can you burn a CDR?

Consider Abit’s adaptor to convert IDE drives to SATA?
With an entirely SATA system, your computer would perform better if you disabled the IDE system entirely (using bios options–see manual). It is possible to run both the hard drive and the BenQ on SATA.

Switch BenQ’s jumper to CS (shouldn’t work, but sometimes it does)?

Motherboard BIOS options and motherboard manufacturer’s support forum? See if other users of this particular motherboard report trouble with the combination of SATA hard drive and IDE optical drive. I remember reading some little setting in BIOS options. I think it was Boot Priority or boot order–setting the optical drive either first or last. This also has the (normal) requirement of the IDE channel in use being set to AUTO detect and AUTO type (motherboard bios menus, standard options screen).

Consider using bios P9 until testing is completed.

Try RecordNow or the combination of DVDShrink+DVDDecryptor for burning as you may have a software-only issue.

Well does this mean anything? Yes I can burn a cd, but not a DVD? Anyone have an idea that can help me?