Getting a second Sli Graphics card

Last year I bought my computer with the intent to buy a second graphics card eventually. Now is the time I would like that second card. I bought all the parts so Sli was an option for me, so that is no problem.

I understand you have to have two of the same card, but does that mean two 8800GT’s 512mb, or exactly the same brand of 8800GT 512mb? Does it make a difference?

I bought my computer from, would I need to contact them for a second graphics card or can I just get any version of this 8800GT to work with my old one?

Any 8800GT will work, you can try and get one with the same clock speed if yours is not the default speed, but it doesn’t matter.

Another option would be to sell your 8800gt and get another card. But if your MB supports SLI you would have to get something like a gt260/gtx260 or something like that to make a big enough jump.

Just make sure that your motherboard actually supports SLI on Geforce…