Getting a Pioneer dvr-111D. Bitsetting?

Thanks to all those who helped me finally figure out that my problem (well… my pc problem) was a going bad dw1650.

So… after much reading, (And might I add that I avoided posting ‘what’s the best burner’ :p) I settled on a Pioneer DVR-111D. I will be burning many more DL DVD’s in the future. (I was torn between this model and BenQ dw1655 and a Plextor… but given the similarity between dw1650 and dw1655 :disagree: and PLEXTOR = $$)

My only real concern is the bit setting or lack of it on SL +R and SL +RW. I have no use for region free or any other ‘bonus’ unoffical firmwares have.

Has the landscape changed enough in the last 3 years that most current and all future DVD players will not choke on a + disc?

I have updated with offical firmwares on all my drives in the past. ( I also have updated my BIOS on my M/B many times so messing with components is not that big a deal.) but I have never used unoffical firmwares. I did find the sites and the firmwares that have been mentioned to use for bit setting.

The steps are not all that clear to me and that is why I am a little hesitant. I like little noob steps :bigsmile: and this is not the way it’s set up. That’s why I’m trying to justify if I really should do this… but I truely want DVD-Rom settings for my +R and +RW.

The Dangerous Bros. firmwares have yet to fail me. Current version is 8.26.

Here’s a deal on a 111D for you. :bigsmile:

That is a great deal.

I bought it Thursday and NE has treated well enough over the years that I won’t push it. How well? This time before I ordered I called and asked them to consider allowing me to return it for a full refund if I don’t like it and they agreed.

I also have 250 Verbatim SL and 115 DL at the house. I don’t know if I’m going to need any more SL for a long time.

But it is a great deal.

I downloaded 106 819 and 826 last night, so I’m ready.