Getting a new drive

Well my first drive was a NEC 1100A which i had for about a year, then i went with a BenQ which i have had for about 2 years and now every song i burn skips and my movies also skip. SO i am looking for a new drive. I know Sony is a good mark, also looking at the pioneers. Seems now a days you can get a decent drive under $50.00 US. Just wondering what drive you guys have right now that you feel you got your moneys worth??? I just want a good drive that would last me at least another 2 years!



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For a start, it would be worth checking the recent survey CD Freaks conducted, which ran until November 2005. At the time, ~30% of voters preferred the BenQ DW-1640, followed by ~24% for the NEC ND-3540. While there have been newer drives out since, most of the models (if not all) in the Survey are still widely available: :slight_smile:

Most new drives have evolved enough to produce acceptable burns, so no matter what you get will work well. I would reccomend the Benq 1650, or 1655 if you want lightscribe. :slight_smile:


1693/ model 6
curent LG model 67

Which of those mentioned could be considered the best reader?

Unfortunately like asking what would be the best DVD-ROM drive, there are different things to consider when comparing the read-back performance of different DVD writers.

A few questions off the top of my head include:

[li]Can it easily be made region free to read international movie discs?
[/li][li]What speed can it read CD-R’s and CD-RW’s?
[/li][li]What speed can it read DVD±R’s, DVD±RW’s, etc?
[/li][li]Can it read DVD-RAM?
[/li][li]Does it limit the read-speed of DVD-Video media?
[/li][li]How well does it handle Digital Audio Extration?
[/li][li]How well can it read dirty / scratched discs?
[/li][li]What is its seek performance with CDs and DVDs?
[/li][li]Can it play / rip most copy-protected Audio CDs?

For example, a drive that may have very good seek performance on DVD+R/RW media may have slow seek performance on DVD-R/RW media. A drive that can read DVD-RAM may have a severe speed lock on reading DVD Video and recordable discs. A drive that can read poor quality discs may have problems with Digital Audio Extraction. The list goes on… :rolleyes:

When it comes to read speed, from what I have read around, the NEC 4550 and 3540A include a few of the fastest readers, particularly when it comes to reading DVD±RW media. However, it is worth taking the above factors into account if it is not just reading speed you are after. :slight_smile:

benq drives are good readers and fast rippers. I guess it depends what you mean by which is a good reader, what is it that you want to read?

If you are buying two drives get a 1655 and 110D! Good combo! Or 1655 and 4550! Or 1655 and 1693/or model 6. All of these read fast enough! The A10 (crossflashed 110D, not hacked)has a very fast factory FW read! My 1640 can be made faster with a hack FW from this forum! The 4550 is great for some and just ok for others! seems like they are beginning to get some varying batches like the other drive makers have experienced. You will be happy with any in the list! Including the LG! If you buy two make sure they are different brands! good luck and buy now!

I have currently a Nec 3500 and a Samsung DVD-Rom, i want to buy another DVD-RW that would be a better reader, as in ‘How well can it read dirty / scratched discs?’ plus the ability of reading poorly burned media or crappy media. I know that reading speed can influence the quality of reading but every of the latest DVD-RWs can read at 16x so, which would be better to pair with my Nec. I can find Benq 1640 for 39€ or would be Nec 3550/4550 a better choice?

Get the 1640 if you have a 3500!

Thanks for the tip, but what about the 1650/55 ? will it be worth the wait until it becomes available here and will it be much better than 1640?

Yes, the 1650/55 is worth waiting for!

Thanx guys, sorry Robbyrob for taking over your thread but i guess it will help you too :smiley:

Ditto on the 1655! But if you need a cheap one now, any of the above drives are fine. get the cheapest! LOL

DVR-110D (Bitsetting + RAM) , Slow ripper , Excellent reader (ECC).

If your crossflash to a A09/A10 you will get very fast read speeds. The fastest I have seen with factory FW from Pioneer! The BQ can be made faster with a hack! If you need bitsetting, which I don’t, then you can use the modified FW. The Pioneers burn +R media without a problem and make backup DVDs that are playable in stand alone players. A little misinfo is being passed around on another thread! Not this thread!

Bottom line, any of the burners above are good To go! Get the cheapest one that is near by!
I still would go with the 1655 and A10 if price is no factor! Very nice units!