Getting a new burner.. Need advice!



I’m trying to get a new DVD Writer (since my old Lite-On is dying on me! :doh: )

I’ve got two choices :

Which among these to prefer?

  1. BenQ 1640
  2. Sony G120A

Let the suggestions come in… :smiley:


Depends on what feautures are most important to you.

The BenQ is better for these things:

  • DVD burn quality
  • CD burn quality
  • CD Disc Quality scanning

The Sony (same hardware and cross-flashable to a LiteOn SHM-165P6S) is better for:

  • DVD Disc Quality Scanning
  • Ripping copy-protected Audio CDs

Both drives are good choices, but no single drive is best for everything. The two drives from my signature that I have installed internally in my desktop pc is the BenQ DW1655 (slightly newer than the 1640) and a Sony DW-G120A cross-flashed to a LiteOn SHM-165P6S (for additional features). I’m considering switching the Sony/LiteOn with my new LiteOn LH-20A1P which looks promising.


Thanks …
I’m just looking at good DVD-Burns :smiley:
Not interested in ripping at all!
Seems the 1640 is for me then … :cool:


If you get the BenQ DW1640 you should burn DVD+R no faster than 12x because the burn quality on DVD+R at 16x with that drive is not so good regardless of media. Burns at 16x on DVD+R produce a “comb-like” effect in PIE/PIF scans.

I personally don’t care much about high-speed burning anyway, since 8x is plenty fast for me and is the safest burning speed in most drives I have (6x is safer in some and 4x is safer in my NEC 4551). The time difference is not important to me, but the quality difference and the lower chance of bad burns are important to me.

So what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t burn at 16x on DVD+R with the BenQ DW1640, but in my opinion that limitation is not a significant disadvantage.


any others in support of the sony ?


Myself I would go into the burner forums and read a few post and then make the choice on your own that way if you aren’t satisfied you can only blame yourself :bigsmile:


Go fro BenQ 1640 plus Sony is not manufacturer of DVD Burner they are repackaging others.