Getting a HP 400C to burn DVD-R HOW?!

Hello everyone, I been browsing the forum now for about 2 day’s on how to Cross Flash a HP 400C burner to a Philips or Benq drive in order o get DVD-R to burn. There is a vast amount of information on how to do this and all but IM CONFUSED! Sorry to say guy’s. All I would like to do is to flash my HP 400C burner to the correct firmware that would help me burn dvd-r.

Any help would be appreciated in this. Thanks again!

Anybody? I know there is alot of info on here and better drives out there but this is what I have to work with at the moment and Im also very confused by the way the information is. All i would like to know is how to flash it to the firmware that would let me use DVD-R /DVD-RW as well as the DVD+

Search for “BENQ DW805A”.

Did that, Didn’t get much info. I just pm’ed Ala42 in hopes of getting help and a from them.

Well, I understand a bit more but still I have no idea which firmware I need to be able to burn dvd-r and dvd+r. If anyone can tell me which would be the best firmware for that, That would be awesome. I dont care if its the phillips or the BenQ just let me know in which direction to go. THANKS!

I think you need the CVT dos flasher from The Dangerous Brothers.

I think i do to but i went to RPC1 and it shows they have a SCSI and it looks like an .EXE. Would I just be able to use that?

Thanks for responding

[QUOTE=SoulEater;2561927]I think i do to but i went to RPC1 [B]and it shows they have a SCSI[/B] and it looks like an .EXE. Would I just be able to use that?

Thanks for responding[/QUOTE]

What do you mean by that??

I meant this flasher:
Version 1.01 for DOS.[/I]

Some additional info:

Well, I found a forum called RPC1 Forum? Or something like that have link’s and it shows one as ACER/BenQ and When I went there it showed these exact files for the BenQ drive and when I downloaded it it came out as a SCSI? Im not sure if it’s an exe or anything like because it was in my other poc but I had to reformat it so yeah, I can’t go into any futher details thanks to that.

But thanks for the updated info!

Okay, I got the Flasher that you mentioned. As well as one of the firmwares for the drive. How ever this is half the equation it says. What would happen if I didnt do the other half? Im guessing a failure in the procedure?

I hate being a pest and I honestly don’t mean to be lazy but I dont wanna mess this up at all. I get the Flasher and I get the firmware and then I boot up the flasher and use the firmware on the drive and it should done?
It seems simple enough but like I said I don’t wanna mess it up so Sorry if im annoying you with all this but I really do appreciate the fact that your helping with me this!

Okay, Alas42 already helped me out. Thanks a lot Chef.
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Good, but have you now tried to burn DVD-R and whats the result?

It didn’t work all to well. I believe something didn’t quite agree and my burner has now died. It won’t read any CD or DVD and it also show’s a red light when the pc is tarting up. No green light indicator at any time.

Is this fixable by any chance?

I don’t know what you did…

Well, I flashed it to the Phillips 3.3 and then decided to get brave and try the B3IC I think and it went to a dual layer as well. I don’t want nor need dual layer at this time so I flashed it back to the 3.3 Phillips and then after that flash it wasn’t behaving right.

Well, I have good news! I figured the worst thing could be that it wouldn’t work so I flashed the drive once more this time to FH04 and BAM! its working again! I got green light status. It read’s CD’s and all…Reads dvds but It does not recognize burning dvd. So at least I brought it back from the dead with that. Very happy at that.

Okay, So i put a DVD-R in the drive, The pc recognized it and all but when I go to choose to bur it says that the cd does not have enough room for the file. Hmm, So i go to My computer and it say’s that I hve 0 bytes available on the cd’s. The cd are brand new…There Phillips DVD-R Made In Taiwan if that matter’s

Oh quick note, Im under the Phillips flashware 3.3 again. It also dies the same to DVD+R

One more thing, Where can i get the Bh04 hat my drive started out with to begin with

Use a proper burning app.