Getting a Good Copy w/ ripit4me

I have used this program twice and it seems to be doing the job. In both cases, it created a set of files (.vob and other) that I imported into Nero and burned to DVD.

Will I get a better quality copy if I get it to create an .iso and burn using IMGBURN? Is there a quality advantage there?

On the same subject, is the copy as good as the original when using this program or are better results obtained from a “pay” program such as CloneDVD?

And finally, can I just go ahead and have Nero make copies for pre-2004 movies, are all of those “un-protected”?

The only advantage that a iso has over vob,ifo etc is that an iso is a standard format and happens to be more compatiable with various different software programs. As to getting better quailty, it doesn’t make a difference. Nothing will be as good as the original. Originals are pressed where as burned ones are only simulating the pressed ones. As for software, everyone has there perference. I use AnyDvD,DvDShrink,DvDDecrypter,Imgburn and RipIt4Me.

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I’ve been using DvdFab and Shrink then ImgBrun. If Dvd43 works then I just use Shrink and ImgBurn. A lot of people hate Dvd43 but it is useful and fast if it works.