Getting a 'Code 37' driver error after BSOD with cdr4_xp.sys

I had downloaded and installed the newest version of VLC media player on a desktop that for some reason was running xp pro sp1 and it work fine until the computer was restarted, and I got a BSOD saying that Driver_unloaded_without_Cancelling_Pending_Operation

I went into safe more and renamed it .old so that I could get into windows, and I was able to, but the two DVD drives in the computer did not work in regular windows, only in safe mode. I have just finished updating the computer to sp2 and the like, and I tried downloading roxio updates for cdr4_xp.sys and the program itself, but I was still getting a code 37 from device manager, ‘windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware,’ even thought I no longer get any BSOD.

So I then uninstalled roxio since cdr4_xp.sys is a driver for that software and restated, with no effect, and the event view reports an error that: ‘the following boot-start or system-start drivers failed to load: cdr4_xp.sys.’ I looked and the driver is still there, even after the uninstall, and I tried booting up with the file removed from the driver folder, but there was no change.

When I tried looking for new drivers for the one of the two DVD burners that said the company name on it, an Optorite DVD rw dd0203, I found many links to to download new drivers. Unfortunately the website no longer has anything to do with Optorite and all of the download links no longer work. I was able to find the box for the burner and found that it was actually manufacture by Sanyo, but I have not yet been able to get any drivers out of them.

If anyone has any advice for anything else that I should try, or has a copy of the drivers for this DVD burner, I would be greatly appreciative.

I managed to fix the problem thanks to the NEC troubleshooting post,

under optical drives that I had missed the first time around. Under number 11 about problems that were really caused my windows it sent me here,

where it says:
CD-ROM Access Is Missing and Messages Cite Error Code 31, Code 32, Code 19, or Code 39

I followed the instructions on how to edit the registry and then rebooted and both drives worked.

Note: I have posted above that I was getting a code 37, but in response to some advice given by a friend I went and manually deleted the drivers that the DVD drives were using, and then even after windows automatically reinstalled the default drivers I was getting a code 39, which the above link to the knowledge base article solved.