Getting a bit more advanced

I was just trying to figure out how to get a bit more advanced with DVDRemake so I could do something a bit more precise than my usual methods (delete unwanted blocks, delete unwanted buttons, split or add a chapter here and there). I messed around until I made a lucky guess (removed three pre commands) that gave me the result I wanted, but I prefer knowing what I’m doing.

So, I have two questions.

First, is there a resource that explains what all these commands mean, the syntax?

Second, is there a way I can get the file tree, sets of pre commands, etc., into a text editor so I can save them and post them online? Screen shots would work but that seems a bit clunky.


There are several resources available:

  1. Using the debug feature, step-by-step mode, you can view the value of registers and system registers, and see how it navigates.
  2. The Command Edit dialog gives a brief description of what each command set does.
  3. The manual goes an brief overview of all available commands - Appendix section.
  4. dvd-replica site describes in more detail of all available commands as well as the overall dvd structure: Look at the left column under Unofficial DVD Specifications.

These should be plenty enough for you to move on to next stage. :slight_smile:

btw, there’s a difference between delete and hide/blank blocks and buttons. Hiding does not require you modify navigation; delete often does depending on where it is.

Thanks, that all sounds very helpful.

Yeah, I know about the hide/delete distinction, and actually mean’t “hide blocks,” not “delete blocks” above.

Turns out I didn’t solve my problems with this DVD like I thought. Short of learning how all of this works, the best way I can think of is to find a way to backtrace what commands lead to any given menu/pgc/whatever. I know what I want to skip over, thus if I can find out what leads to what I want to skip over, I can probably get the results I want.

Anyone know what prog can do that?

Hmm, I see that PGCEdit does…but it isn’t making things any easier. Cripes.

Backtrace is harder as you don’t know the current state of registers. Start from First Play and follow through. Use Open Destination to follow through (this is manual tracing). Take note of all the register value changes as you step through. Use of Notepad would help to temporarily store the register values. The debug option in step-by-step mode will help as well. Once you ynow where you want to route from and the destination route, assign the register values from the destination route to the source route and relink to the destination route where possible.

PgcEdit’s trace routine is good as well. Under PGC menu, the Jump to PGC upon DVD insert macro will help you set the appropriate register values and relink it for you. I believe there’s a guide for it in the homepage.