Getting a 5006 tomorrow...advice?

Does the 5006 have the green tint problem so many find the 5005 to have? Any software upgrades I’d do well to get for a brand new one just bought from Radio Shack? If so, where can I find them?

Anything else I should know about?


Go to the Liteon website: go to AV products, then downloads, then latest firmware for your model, then download and put in your S/N (upper right corner) off the screen you get when up hit “setup” on your remote control. The new firmware upgrade just came out today for the 5005 & I think the 5006 but some of the 5006 users were having a hard time getting the website to work! hope this helps!

I have had the 5006 for about 3 weeks and I’m really happy with it. I had some minor problem with the green tint (around faces in dark scenes) but they have fixed that in their latest firmware release (yesterday).
If you bough your unit from Radio Shack, they have dropped the price from 199 to 179 plus they have a 30 mail in rebate.

I know…heh heh…

That’s what convinced me.

The local wholesale club store was selling 5005’s for $159…

Radio Shack (after rebate) is ten dollars less, and the 5006 has a stereo tuner.

Yep. I’m getting one. :iagree: