Getright ... come faccio a

Come faccio a fare in modo che quando clikko su un link per downloadare getright parta da solo? Non mi riferisco ai normali link ma a quelli “composti” tipo questo:


Appena trovato - sia x GR che Gozilla:
Downloading files from I-Drive using GoZilla

Log into your I-Drive. Navigate down to the directory that contains the files you want to download. Tag the files you want to download.

Click the DOWNLOAD button. This brings up a screen with the tagged files shown of the left and, or the right, the list of files with a DOWNLOAD and an OPEN button.

In addition to the DOWNLOAD and OPEN links, the FILE NAME ITSELF is a link. Strangely, this file name link is different from the other two.

Have GoZilla open in another window… not just the drop target.

One file at a time, right-click on the FILE NAME ITSELF, not the DOWNLOAD LINK. Choose COPY SHORTCUT.

Switch to the Gozilla window. Right-click on the GoZIlla window. Choose ADD FILE. In the ENTER FILE LOCATION window that appears, place the cursor in the ADDRESS field. Press SHIFT-INSERT or right-click and choose PASTE. Don’t press enter yet.

Press the HOME key to move to the front of the URL. Note the https:at the start of the URL. Delete the ‘s’, leaving it as http o not make any other changes in the URL. Now press ENTER.

You will now get the normal GoZilla DOWNLOAD NOW / DOWNLOAD LATER window for that file. Choose DOWNLOAD LATER. Go back and do the next file.

When you are all done, select all of the files in the main GoZilla window and click on DOWNLOAD.

Note that downloads from I-Drive are still non-resumable. There isn’t anything we can do about that on this end. However, you can at least stack up a big list of files and go to bed, rather than having to baby-sit the
I-Drive download screen for hours.