Geting a replace for a dead drive Sony DRU-710A

i am geting sent this because my pioneer was damaged in a flood but the place they get there pcs from only sell sony dvds the one i have been told they will send is this is this DVD-RW Sony DRU-710A whats it like is there a beter sony drive what is it and the model number and also whats there best dvd-rom drive sony i mean

thanks as ever sc00terx :confused:

hmm sony DRU710 is a 16X DVD+R, 16X DVD-R, 4XDVD+DL liteon drive. so far the review given to it is not that good. you can refer to this review article If you wan to focus juz on dvd burning you might consider NEC 3500A or TDK 1616N as they support more variety of dvd media.

hi you says its a 16x DVD+R and 16X DVD-R but on the box it has 16x DVD+R and 8X DVD-R

i dont think i can get a nec 3500A or a TDK 1616N so its going to be a sony i need to know what the best sony to get :slight_smile: thanks

as ever sc00terx :iagree:

The DRU-710A is the same as the Lite-On SOHW-1633S; they only do 8x DVD-R and 2.4x DVD+R DL.

CD/CDRW/DVD 1 Black DVD-ROM 16x Sony (???)
CD/CDRW/DVD 2 Sony 16xDVD±RW Dual layer Black ( Sony DRU-710A)

thats whats down on the sys spec so i take it from whats on here the sony is not to good as a dvdrw should be :frowning: is there another sony beter or i take it this is the best one dam

as ever sc00terx

ps i think the dvd rom will be the Sony DDU1612 DVD-ROM (Black)

well u can always get back DRU700A using Codeguy’s CG03B firmware which create very good dvd-rom burning. As for dvd-rom make sure u go to TDB webby to check if they have rpc-free firmware for it.


Huh? The 700A and 710A are two veeeeery different drives.


Anyway, the 710A isn’t a bad drive. It has some issues when doing 12x or 16x (grrr), but at least it’s beautiful (and fast) at 8x.

I know it is 2 diff drive, juz forgot he got his DRU710 fried. Juz suggesting something that work well for me at the moment.

LO m8 read my first post in here i put i hade a pioneer in the flood not the sony

they are sending me a sony but i wish it was a pioneer but i mite get some free dvd`s as well becsuse they can not get the right drive :slight_smile:

now all i need to know is whats good to use in this sony hmm ?? :confused:

As ever sc00terx

Hmm why they dun wan exchange it for a NEC drive. prolly they got lots of unsold sony drive left over.

code65536, is right I have the memorex oem 1633 and have flashed it with latest liteon fw BSOH and its is wonderful reader and burns +R and -R at 8x very fast and well, as to 12x and 16x I have no media to try it and as I have since put it in my encloser that due to chipset is only 13mbps max on firewire will only burn to 8x anyway. still this drive even only at 8x beats the pants off the 812 or 832 for 8x burn times and quality. with stock fw. And from what I have read with BSOH fw, the +R DL is very good as well.

hi m8 they not sell nothing but sony dvd rw`s but i will know more on monday about this when i talk to my loss adjuster

also mite give me some more room to change the mobo and cpu on this system if they can not get the one i need to replace the drive and it looks like this drive is a good 8x speed drive so that will do fine for now

thanks for all the help and info on this you lot :slight_smile: :bow: :smiley:

as ever Sc00terx

Sony DRU-710A will be with me in 5 days with the rest of the pc

so far so good :slight_smile:

mite go get a 108 or maybe wait a week see what comes out

thanks again you lot always a big help :slight_smile:

as ever sc00terx :bow: :iagree: :smiley: