Get your MP3's without Napster



I just posted the article Get your MP3’s without Napster….

Of course, Napster is now not the only way to get MP3 files. Some other smart people, thought about napster, took the idea, and did their own things with it.

Also other projects are running to…

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GlobalSCAPE Restricts Public Access to its CuteMX Service
GlobalSCAPE announced today it is restricting public access to its CuteMX service pending the company’s review of further developments surrounding the preliminary ruling in the Napster case.

Where can I find it…?


The king is death,long live the king.
bye bye America pie



move all your servers down to Bucharest or Moscow, the RIAA and US Copyright company’s have no legal justice down there cause they don’t have any partner ship with the justice system. Were trying to get partners in those cities to run our servers from there as we control the stream of MP3’s from the US. Were pretty much far with this system of sharing with almost the same search engine as Napster. Were just doin this to get rid of people like the RIAA and the monopoly position state the record labels are into. So spread the word to all developers cause this is gonna be the final shot for high cd-prices and the end of Record Labels!! 'RIAA you will never win this war…cause you already lost. For now just don’t buy anymore cd’s to show your respect to what Napster did for us and the future of MP3 sharing. Well post our message when were online a.s.a.p, we go on were Napster got stopped. Power to the People and trust me Napster will be back!!!

#5 is making its own client that contains the lists of servers so its all in one. Napster will continue and they cant stop it because servers are being run by kids at home…