Get your filthy hands off my CDs

I just posted the article Get your filthy hands off my CDs.

TheRegister has an interview with the CEO of TTR Technologies, that has developed SafeAudio for Macrovision. The technology that should prevent consumers ripping their CD’s to MP3’s files is not…

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Macrovision has some tough copy protection some that can even overcome Norton Ghost.

Muppets! Now this makes me madder because they are deliberatly introducing noise (digital dirt) into a high-fidelity audio medium. Ripping issues aside, this is just not on. As a keen audiophile I dont want rubbish stuck in my audio thank you very much. And besides … It’ll also take ages for CloneCD to COPY the CD, for ripping after. :slight_smile:

dont the newer mp3 rippers have error correction sowfware built into them?

whatever that can be heard, can be recorded. Even though its going through a D/A, A/D conversion, its going to an mp3 anyway. My question is, can those of you with exceptional hearing, find cds that have errors inputed purposely, to be of inferior qualtiy? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s time to go back to LP’s :slight_smile: -Miro

Or cassette…

Vinyl rules , hahaha

You know…I think there is a law somewhere that states that you are allowed to make one backup of a work for personal use. I’d like to see someone sue Macrovision, RIAA, etc. and force them in a class action settlement to either replace all copy protected works sold in the US with ones that allow for one backup or have to pay everyone in the US the price of one extra work (CD, Game, etc.) so we can go get an extra backup for free. I’m not even talking piracy here…I buy Disney movies for my kid and I’m sure as heck not letting him use the DVD’s himself…he’ll scratch them up. I’d like to make a VHS copy he can play until it falls apart and make another one when it does but %$#!@ Macrovision prevents this!!! :r

“flipping a fraction of a disc’s billions of 1s and to 0s” :r not gonna buy that crap anymore, sorry :frowning: