Get Your filthy Hands Off My CDs

I just posted the article Get Your filthy Hands Off My CDs.

We should label this headline “Here We Go Again”.

Okay we now have Safeaudio version 3 that

"will let “honest” PC users make personal copies of their CDs and transfer them to their MP3…

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Indeed Here we go again Will it last? Nobody CARES!

LOL it`s so pathetic to see them try and fail over and over again its like a endless loop…

It amazes me that SafeAudio underestimates the value we place on QUALITY music. Scratches and dirt do not drown out deliberate, error induced noise. Noise + Noise = Inferior Products. Maybe, they could bury the sound of a 737 on the soundtrack, it would certainly drown out any error induced noise. Someone who keeps their music CD’s, Computer Data CD’s and yes, Vinyl records in clean condition!

Ok hey what about 1X reading? I can copy all audio cds i have seen now but not safeaudio yet. I heard that there are special vxd files for support the protected cd. :8

Will they ever learn!? Guess not… :wink:

What are the CD titles with SafeAudio protection? I can’t find any…