Get your 20$ from the RIAA - it's real, read here how!

I just posted the article Get your 20$ from the RIAA - it’s real, read here how!.

Bura used our newssubmit to tell us that due a recent settlement between the US goverment and the record labels a lot of money is available to consumers. Because the record labels were found guilty…

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I am getting my money!!! ;8 UP yours RIAA!

Your claim has been submitted. If your claim is accepted, the Settlement is approved, and the amount of the award to each claimant is more than $5.00, you will receive a check in the mail from the Settlement Fund. Remember, however, that the claims validation and court approval process is lengthy, and that it will be several months before any claims are paid. If your claim is not accepted, you will receive notification from the Settlement Administrator. In the event that the number of claims filed would result in awards of less than $5.00 per claimant, there will be no cash distribution to individual consumers. In that case, notification will be given on this Web site, and by a message that will be available by calling the toll-free number 1-877-347-4782. You will not receive any notification by email or by regular mail if a consumer distribution is not possible. If you would like to return to the home page or review any other information about the Settlement, please click on the appropriate link on the left margin of this web site. Thank you for filing your claim. Settlement Administrator

Ok, so if I was the RIAA, then I would have 2 choices - Keep it as quiet as possible, so the settlement is very low. - Advertise it like crazy, in which you don’t have to pay it at all. Seems to me that this is kinda unfair. If it goes below $5.00, then I think they STILL should be forced to pay it. Donate it to a good cause for all I care, but let them pay it! said it was a $143 Million payout