Get WinOnCD 6 PowerEdition for free from Roxio




I don’t know if this is old news or if anyone is interested in it at all, but Roxio gives you WinOnCD 6 PE for free.

You can download it here: (147 MB)

Register and get your key here for free:


Thanx for sharing.
Didn’t know that.
Downloaded & registerd it.


You are welcome. :flower:

Don’t forget to update your PowerEdition to ServicePack 6.03. (13,1 MB)

Get it here:

Scroll down and search for

WinOnCD 6 Power / DVD Edition:


      Servicepack 6.03
          o Audio/Video-Synchronisationsproblem beim Zusammenfügen von Videodateien innerhalb eines Elements im DVD-Projekt behoben
          o Data Overspan: Fehlschlagen der Erzeugung eines Disc-Sets mit sehr großer Anzahl von Dateien behoben
          o Problem beim Kopieren von Multisession-CD-RW-Discs behoben
            Unterstützung fur DVD-Schreibgeschwindigkeiten von 8x und höher hinzugefügt
          o Problem behoben: Tatsächliche Recordergeschwindigkeit teilweise niedriger als eingestellt
          o Problem: Zurücksetzen der Tracklänge auf 4 Sekunden beim Laden des Audioprojekts behoben

and click the link.


dutch only


No, there is nothing dutch at all. :disagree: :bigsmile:

The websites are german. If you can’t get through the fields, follow the instructions as posted on the main page.

Available languages are german AND english. If WinOnCD should start in german you can change it under “Optionen/Einstellungen/Einstellungen/Sprache”.

It should work out for you.


many thanks


-Don’t forget to update your PowerEdition to ServicePack 6.03. (13,1 MB)-

Got it.
Thanx for the heads up.


I no sprecken zie German, so can someone tell me how to get the key? I downloaded the software and registered. I think (this is the part I’m not sure about) that the registration page says that they will send a key by email, but I didn’t receive one. If you click the link it just goes to a product line page. Am I supposed to get the key by email? It’s all Greek to me! :confused:


Yes the email should have come with a key for the it.


many many many thanks, WinOnCD 5 had a similar deal about 2yrs ago, I will move this to the bargains basement


cheers thanks for the links to the english lang. option, quick reboot after lang. change and works perfectly in english.
thanks again,
grimmers :bigsmile: :bow: :bigsmile:


Looking within the upgrade file (6.03), the newest file date is October, 2002. Is this going to support any modern drives?


No email, tried twice. Has any gotten a key within the last 24 hrs.?


got mine virtually instantaneously…


If your drive is not supported yet you could try to update the drivers by downloading uniDRV Version 1.22.1 from this website. (1,24 MB)

You can find a list of supported drives with uniDRV 1.22.1 here. These are the most recent files I could find.

Check your spamfilter or try another email address. It is still working.


I can’t find the options to switch to English, where did you see it? thanks.

a20: You’re right it was the spam blocker. I forgot how good those work, I turned it off for 8 hrs. and had 61 pieces of garbage with the key. On it goes!


You may need to specify Germany or UK as the country. I think that if you specify the US or others it may not send you a key. I registered twice - once I put US in the country blank and did not get a key. The second time I specified UK and got a key almost instantly. Of course I used different e-mail addresses each time!?



When you start WinOnCD a launcher will be opened. Select one of the project types (it doesn’t matter which, just hit an icon in the circle) and WinOnCD should start up. Now look for “Optionen” (which means options) on the top (see the attached picture) and click it. Highlight “Einstellungen” (which means properties) on the drop-down menu and click on it.

A new window will now be opened.
Search again for “Einstellungen” (top right of the new window) and click on that sheet. You will find a drop-down menu for “Sprache” (which means language(! :bigsmile: )). Click on the small arrow and select “English” as your preferred language.

Click on “OK” twice and shut down WinOnCD. Next, hit “Nein” (which means no) as you don’t want to save any changes you have made to the template.

Restart WinOnCD and now the program should start in english.

I hope you’ll get through. :cool:


So what exactly is this, and why would I want it? Is it better than NERO?


Thanks a20, all set. I was looking for setup. :cool: