Get video from "erased" dvd or camcorder

This is my first time posting, but after spending hours of sifting through others questions, I decided to do my own. Here is my drama:
I burned a DVD on my Sharp DVD recorder off my hard disk JVC camcorder. It burned fine, and as we were watching/checking it, I deleted all the files off of my camcorder (june - dec 2010 family videos). I then went to finalize the DVD. At the point of changing the title, instead of hitting edit title, i clicked erase title (thinking I could type in my own instead of first deleting the auto title). Unfortunately, it actually meant delete everything I just burned. Now I have a DVD with no video I can watch and a camcorder with no videos from 7 mos. of last year.
What I have learned: CD Roller says there are .vob files on the DVD. I didn’t buy the program yet. A friend copied the DVD somehow and said he pulled an hour of video, but there was at least 4-5 on there. After some reading, I called Sharp to see if “erasing” at that point just meant that the title page was erased therefore making it seem the data was gone. They are clueless. Easy Drive Data Recovery has found a ton of mod and moi files on my camcorder that say they were created and modified on 4/13 (the day this all occurred). I’m guessing those are my movies.
The problem: I’m clueless about all this except for the hours I’ve spent reading and I feel like my head is spinning. I haven’t bought any programs (only have done the free stuff) because I feel like every story is different (I get that). It seems like I can retrieve them with one, but then need another to convert, then another program to edit, another to…etc. I’m hoping someone can tell me the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get my videos back from either the dvd or the camcorder. I have also noticed that JVC seems to be theworst to recover stuff from due to the mod files so I’m hoping the dvd is the route to go with some guidance. if if matters, the dvd is a dvd-r.
any quidance would be greatly appreciated, as our youngest is just now 2 so these videos of 1/3 of his life are dear to us.

One of the better programs for retrieving material from cds and dvds is called ISOBuster. Like many of the others, there is a free version and a commercial one. Try the free version and see if it will copy the dvd files to the hard drive of your computer.

If ISOBuster doesn’t work for you give this post a read :

I haven’t tried h2cdimage on an erased disc but I have recoved some badly scratched one with it. Worth a try it won’t do any harm to a disc.

I’ve tried a few different recovery programs to recover lost HDD and SD memory cards. I’ve used GETMYDATABACK (paid version), very successfully, even recovering photos as old as 3 formats back. But it’s a crap shoot. There will be bits and pieces that got over written or not recovered properly.

Use a decent recovery software (because there is a difference in what will be recovered). Mine got back stuff that 4 others I had tried completely missed.

Even getting photos back, some I just had to delete, and others needed fixed in photoshop. Just make sure that nothing else gets recorded on that HDD until you have recovered what you have on it to a hard drive. Then you can work from there on your PC to piece the video back together into the best you can get…

@ harley2ride ,
Even though I think the software I posted might recover some data from the DVD .
I think recovering the data from the camcorder which the OP posted was a hard disk camcorder would be a better solution.
So I suggest the OP give the software you suggest a try.