Get "UH OH" message

I have a dual layer dvd burner when I use clond dvdII it will read it but when I put in a blank 8X 4.7GB 120min DVD+R disc it says UH OH. I purchased larger DVD disc and these will work but are much more expensive. What am I doing wrong? I use the DVD5 setting.

What brand of blank media are you using? You are NOT going to post back Memorex are you?

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the brand is fuji never had a problem before thanks

More information is required than you have provided.
Have you ever burned any DVD’s successfully in the past?

What is the name and model #of the burner.
Ideally it should be set up as the Master on the Secondary Ide channel.
Please give your PC’s configuration regarding your hard drives and CD\DVD units.

Just a shot in the dark!
If you have both a DVD-Rom (reader) and a DVD burner, make sure when the screen appears to burn, you have selected the burner and not the reader as the target drive.

Hi. Actually my sister was asking the questions for me. I am registered now as “bytheshore”.
My burner is a Sony DVD/CD Rewritable Drive DRU-810A. I have downloaded slysoft’s AnyDVD & CloneDVD2. If the setting is on DVD5 it reads the movie but when it finishes burning it I get that annoying “UH-OH”.

I have no idea what you mean by “Master on the Secondary Idle channel” & I
'm stuck on stupid when it come to my PC’s confirguration reguarding hard drives and CD/DVD units.

My apology for my lack of knowledge. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

itzbinnice, did you receive my reply? Bythe shore :doh:

It looks like from the below post you made on another thread, that you solved your problem.

“I’ve been racking my brain with the same issue and found out that some of my blank disks were faulty. I would insert another blank disk I didn’t have any problems. I am using FUJIFILM DVD=R 4.7GB. Hope this helps.”

The courteous thing to do would have been to post in this thread, and not as reply in another thread that you solved your problem.
This will avoid people from wasting their time in offering advice since the issue was resolved.