Get stuck on Daemon Tools

I’m trying to install a game with Daemon Tools. I have the .bin and .cue file mounted. Nothing happens after that – what do I do? =(

is it a multi cd game? if so did you mounted the first cd image or second/third?
when having a multiple cd game you should mount the first cd image and install from it and then during install it will ask for the second/third cd then you mount the second/third images and rest is abious,if its a single cd game or multi and the first cd image is mounted then just get into “my computer” and browse it you might find a setup file

It’s a single CD game (WC3 RoC). I don’t understand “get into “my computer” and browse it you might find a setup file.” Is the drive I have mounted supposed to be listed in My Computer? Because it’s not.

yeah it should be mounted in “my computer” like a real optical drive
are you sure its not there? thats very unlikely if you set number of devices in daemon tools it defintly should be

right click “my computer” in desktop and click “properties” get into hardware>>device manager and expand “dvd/cd-rom drives” do you see there a thing called “generic dvd-rom scsi cdrom device” ? if you do its defintly in “my computer” so have a good look

Ah, I see. I’v had some problem with my CD Drives for the longest time. Neither the German or the Russain could help me. All of these Daemon drives are suffering the same problem as well. The CD Drives are all working and stuff, but under Device Manager there’s a yellow ! and I get this error message:

Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)


By the way, if anyone wants to help me, contact me on AIM or MSN:

AIM: Bluebones256

have a look at;en-us;314060

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