Get rid of extra features and keep menu?

Is there a way that I can get rid of extra material by reauthoring and still keep the menu?
I tried correcting the VOB pointers with ifoedit and it still didn’t’ give me my menu for some reason.

Please suggest solutions! :bow:

most transcoders have a feature to allow you to remove extras while retaining the menus. for a program that can remove extras (and practically anything else you want) before processing the dvd, you can try using dvdremake.

Sounds like you’re using DVD Shrink? It won’t allow you to remove extras while keeping the menu - try CloneDVD2 - it’s awesome!

Titlesetblanker, Vobblanker, DVDStripper, DVDReMake, MenuEdit are are few tools that can do this also

some are better than others for reliability and ease of use :slight_smile: