Get rich or die tryin

Hi as you can see i`m new to this site but not new to backing up.
But i am having a problem with one film and only this one,
get rich or die tryin?? anyone else experienced problems am using
dvdfab platinum 2.70 and burning with nero…would love to be able to back this film up…any help most welcome…thanks

forget backing this movie up it deserves to be in the bin. :wink:

I know im sad but its another for the collection…

have you bothered trying any other program?? Dvd decrypter, anydvd??

First off, your platinum version is horribly outdated… v.2.70 was released on 02/16/2005…there have been 40-50 version updates since!
Also, not sure why you’re burning with nero, I mean nero is ok, but you may have better luck with vso (default burn engine).
Are you burning with nero within the fab app?